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A workshop focusing on the regeneration of the ruins

First Prize & Exhibit the final product in Fei Gallery
Workshop, Cooperative work, Contribution: All 
Collaborator: Siyan Liu, An Jiang Xu, Haitong Mo, Zhuoqi Lin, Yuanzhihong Liu  
Instructor: Jason Ho; Site: Zini Tang, Guangzhou, C

In China, there are thousands of ruins have been rebuilt as the creative industry center. When stepping into the former site of Zini Sugar-refinery, I started to wonder why do the ruins attract people so much. And I finally find it is because the ruins are empty and full of possibilities that people love it. This design started with rethinking that what is the happy end of the ruins. Since the Softer intervention is supposed to replace the machine-made material intervention, the site is designed as an AR exhibition to show the possibilities of the ruins to people. Let it back to itself maybe the happy end of the ruins.