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Competition focusing on biosynthetic ecology as a vehicle for urban regeneration

2017.03 - 2017.05
Competition, Cooperative work 
Collaborator: Jinyu Zhang, Yifeng Lin, Contribution: All
Instructor: Prof. Xiao Yiqiang, Prof. Xu Haohao
Site:Haebangchon, Seoul, Korea

For creating a biosynthetic future of Namsan we attempt to create an ecological corridor in Sowolro 20-gil(street) which runs along the ridge of the hill. This ecological corridor is just like a RIVER pours out from Namsan, flows through and renews the Haebangchon and finally links the Yongsan Park. And in our design, the community life tore by the” green river” will be relinking by the BRIDGES with specific functions. It is from the relationship between the river and bridges that we see the relationship between nature and manmade identities and thus the post-human community of Namsan is repainted.